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Finding Alternative Solutions

As a service to our existing clients, we offer our guidance and expertise as it relates to the purchase of individual medical plans, including Medicare Supplemental and Medicare Advantage plans. We will demonstrate how utilizing these plans work in conjunction with your group plan, or simply as a way to bridge the gap when family and friends are between plans.

Contact our Staff for Additional Information

Consilium Benefit Advisors is an insurance broker. Licensed in Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Colorado, California, and Utah, and is authorized, as an agent for other private insurance companies, to sell Medicare Supplemental and Medicare Advantage insurance. We are not affiliated with or endorsed by any government entity or the federal Medicare program.

This website is intended to provide basic information to Medicare beneficiaries and all intent therein is solely intended for educational and informational purposes. It is not intended to constitute an endorsement in any manner or kind. We strive to maintain current and accurate information; however, we do not guarantee that all information therein is current or correct. Hence no representations or warranties, expressed, implied, or otherwise, for any purpose or intent, pertaining to accuracy or completeness of any services or products mentioned herein. Any faith and goodwill placed for this website and said information contained herein is at the audience’s own risk.  We, the stated agency, and its agents thereof will not be liable for any damages or loss arising in connection with or from the content contained herein of this website, associates, or its affiliates.  

We offer plans within the states which we hold legal and appropriate appointments and licensing. Not all plans are available in all jurisdictions. Please contact us for specific information regarding any plan or coverage.

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