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About Consilium

Consilium was founded in 1983 by Larry Sherwood on the premise that harnessing technology and pairing it with proactive customer support would create a compelling customer experience. We have never wavered from this praxis -- today we use the best software to help us illustrate insurance concepts, market trends, and financial impacts, in a way that makes the complex simple. We pair this technology with experienced personnel who are both highly knowledgeable and extremely caring. Our goal is to make each customer feel like our only customer. We are unlike other firms who create project work to accrue billable hours, neither you nor your employees are ever charged for talking with staff members. We leverage our respected standing within the insurance community to the benefit of our clients.

As We See Things

A broker's job is to educate and advise you on your plan selection to help lower your risk and make wise decisions. Whether it’s a great network, affordable pricing, or something else, we use your qualifications as our guiding light. We are not married to a particular company or plan type, our goal is finding you exactly what you need and precisely why we work with multiple insurance companies. We focus all of our efforts on employee benefit planning utilizing our 5-step process that we refined and polished over the years. 

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